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For lack of a better term I'm calling all the "regular" LEGO models "Sculpture". Though I like articulation and such I still like to make a good ol' LEGO model now and then. What never ceases to amaze me about LEGO is how even a small idea can be intricate and difficult to make. In fact sometimes it's just those little ideas that end up driving me crazy!

I made the dalmation years ago as part of a model builder interview at LLC. I didn't get the job but made several Master Builder friends with whom I stay in contact. In fact I met the person who got the job instead of me!

The pot and frog box are both replicas of models at LLC which I liked.

I made the boxes to sell online to pay off a LEGO debt. Essentially I bought 4 full bins of LEGO on credit and needed a way to repay it. The boxes themselves are bumps out on each side except the bottom. The inside of the boxes use the 2 bump = 5 plate ratio to make a seamless, smooth wall. If you got all that congratulations, you are a SNOTy builder. If not then don't worry the boxes are after all, just boxes.

The Buildings are only facades. I wanted some backgrounds for my mecha though these ended up too small. At a LUGOLA meeting some of the guys were talking about a bin of yellow pieces that was all picked over "crap" parts. I took that as a challenge, bought the bin from Brian Stokes, and made the library just to prove them wrong. Then I sold it on Ebay to some happy train aficionado.  Now let's review the irony: train guys saying parts are crap > me > building > train guy pays for building with crap parts. Ain't life grand?

I have also included some of the logos I've made. There were a few which due to deadlines did not get photographed.


Brickshelf Pictures of Boxes

Brickshelf Logo Pictures

Brickshelf Building Pictures




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