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There is a group of mostly Bionicle builders on the web who all know each other well. We talk online, share inside jokes and poke fun at each other often. This group decided it would be fun to have “battles” much like break dancing, and with equally silly results. The rules were simple: the two battling made the rules and punishments for losing.

The battles though got fairly heated fairly quickly because quite frankly we are all egotists: aka, Bionicle Brats. So Jeff Ranjo (Thraxis) and I decided to have a battle to show the others how be properly humiliated while having fun. We set a time limit of 5 hours with only one rule: no humanoid models. Jeff and I would decide the winner rather than a vote by the other members. The loser had to change his signature banner and avatar to something humiliating for a week.

I wanted to emulate the layered feel of The Rack while giving something a familiar shape. A second design consideration was to make a form using only Technic straws. With these criteria in mind I set out to make a Spider. It took a while but I finally got a spider shape going, but ran out of time. I am a notoriously slow builder.

The Spider didn’t get skinned in time for the contest but was still a pretty cool model at the time. Jeff came in with an inline motorcycle. We each declared the other the winner, so it went to a vote. I lost. Here’s my banner. Yes kids sometimes fortune cookies are bad.

After the battle I skinned the Spider with dino tails. Though I was thinking of skinning it several different ways to see how different parts would give it a different feel. I quickly found that skinning it was much more time consuming than I’d thought. Attaching the dino tails took roughly 5 hours with my little needle nose pliers in hand. After that I decided to just let it be. I also beefed up the straw support on the legs and added pedipalpi and fangs. I never did get around to adding 2 more legs though.

Later, I was given a bag of LEGO spiders by a friend who thought the lil’ spiders would make good hair on the legs. He was right. I’ve always been fond of the little spiders on the legs of the big Spider.

Although easily picked up and moved about, the Spider’s weakest point is where the abdomen meets the cephalothorax. I’ve actually rebuilt this area 3 or 4 times. My biggest success with the Spider is the advancement in ball socket and Technic straw combination joints. Plus it just looks cool, even though I hate spiders.



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