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Mecha are generally large articulated anime inspired piloted robots. LEGO doesn't generally lend itself to articulated structures and lends itself less to larger articulation. A mecha builder needs engineering, articulation, and design knowledge to build mecha well. LEGO mecha has in inherently steep learning curve. I have always liked the challenge of merging form and function hence my interest in LEGO mecha. 

I have always enjoyed the challenge of making mecha, though at times it has been frustrating to the point of insanity. One of the qualities that drew me to the LEGO mecha genre was the idea that many of the techniques and much of the designs were new. Nobody had done them before. With mecha there was a chance to create a design that would be yours alone. In many ways the genre was uncharted territory. Added to this frontier was a rebellious spirit amongst the mecha builders to really challenge what "could" be made of LEGO.

On the left I've put thumbnails that will take you to a main page for each model. I have put the models in the order they were built. Hopefully you can see the evolution from traditional mecha to organic monsters. Though I don't understand why I am hell bent on making LEGO as weird, organic. and non-LEGO as possible, I am having one heck of a good time. I honestly have no idea where this journey is going, but I think it'll be fun to find out. Maybe, just maybe I'll end up making trains when it's all over...Nah! 

Big Blue


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