Lego holds the mystical ability to bring a thought, a vision, or a story to life in 3D. The ability to create, from nothing, a tangible object is to be an artist. In this regard I am an artist. The endless possibilities with only a handful of bricks seems to in some way touch our innate need to create, to make sense out of chaos, to touch the infinite. 

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Welcome to Plasmic Bricks. For those who do not know my name is Bryce McGlone. I've been building "again" since late 1999. I'm known mostly for organic monsters which fit loosely in the "mecha" genre of the Lego community. I like to make LEGO look non-LEGO and generally just experiment with shapes and building techniques to see what I can do that hasn't been done. However, I've also built several "normal" LEGO models including buildings, boxes, logos, and sculptures. 

I don't hold any illusions that Lego is some sort of high art, however, many artistic endeavors are not. In fact I am uncomfortable calling myself a LEGO artist, so let's just say I build. 

I have fun with LEGO, I poke fun at LEGO, I poke fun of other LEGO geeks, and I make fun of myself. While some might view me as flippant or arrogant, I am a really just having a good time. 

    So welcome again. Look around. I'm still building the site myself and quite frankly I'm very new at it. So please be patient and be kind. I've made a conscious effort to make a fast loading site without any flash or java script. All the photographs and graphics are optimized for the web. The banners at the top of each page link to this page. Many of the pictures in the gallery leave something to be desired. Also I've tried to write about some of the bigger models I've made. Though I personally think it's a bit too much, I've found that I do appreciate when others talk about what they do. I'm hoping you will too. 




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