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Those nagging questions you wanted answered...

Is everything real LEGO?

Yes all the parts are LEGO, as long as you include Bionicle and Galidor. Believe it or not I get asked this question the most. Not the question about if Galidor is LEGO! The one about the models being real LEGO!

Do you glue your models?

Simply put, no. Lego is made of ABS plastic which is glued with MEK, a very nasty solvent. Generally it kills brain cells in bulk which I'd rather avoid. Plus gluing is cheating! Just ask any Lego geek. Don't go asking those Master Builder types though cause they've been brainwashed ;-)

How do you get so many of the same part?

Sometimes I buy several of the same set. I'm always on the lookout for clearance sets and rarely buy sets at retail. Other times I've run across someone willing to part with a bulk of  promotional items. For the most part I use I also have a good friend, Dave Johann who is invaluable at finding me deals and parts and such. And I then there's Brian "The Parts Pimp" Stokes who's willing to give me deals on parts as long as I "make something cool".

Do you sell your models?

Occasionally I sell a model I have already built. More often someone hires me to build something for him or her. If you'd like to have me make something for you see my "For Hire" page.  

Can you blather on for hours about nothing at all?

Sure I could but I won't.