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A few things about me *gasp* outside of LEGO...

For those who do not already know, I am Bryce McGlone. I've loved Lego all my life but have been building "again" since late 1999. Although Lego is my hobby I try not to take it too seriously. By nature I'm a big ol' smart alec which helps me keep things in perspective; for example I didn't contemplate suicide upon hearing about "bley". I consider myself a builder and not a collector, a geek and not an artist. Though I'm not one of the movers or shakers in the Lego community, I am fairly active in the smaller mecha community and by extension the Bionicle community. Currently I'm building mostly Bionicle models only because my building techniques are geared more towards the ball socket joints and an open ended building style loosely termed "weave". The not so famous Cajun

Outside of Lego I am married to Karla who puts up with my obsession. Without her support I wouldn't even be building. She is also my #1 sponsor (gives me LEGO money). Karla is my sounding board for designs, often at 2am as I stumble to bed! Plus she loves me even though I'm a big dork. We have 2 daughters, 3 dogs (one is the not-so-famous "Cajun").

I work in Hollywood at a Post Production facility. In short we put together TV shows from the daily camera reels to the final air masters that you see on TV. It's a fun, stressful, roller coaster of a job.

 I do commissioned work as well. I can build just about anything you can imagine. I make 3-D company logos too. Though employed as a manager in the Post Production industry, I have a background in design. For more information about hiring me to make a model for you or your company please send me an email:


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